My Story

Hey there, I'm Ali. Owner & designer of Scattered Seed Co. What's my thing? You could say I have a fetish of sorts for feminine stationery with a bent towards floral and all things beautiful.

My Journey

I started my stationery journey about 15 years ago. I had 2 small boys and was a fulltime home mama.  I was loving all things Shabby Chic at the time and decided to create a range of shabby chic looking cards. A set of 4 was designed and placed on Ebay to see if there would be any takers. Each time I'd list them they would get snapped up so I would list another. Before long a delightful gift shop owner from Victoria contacted me asking if I would stock her shop with a range of greeting cards. With all 4 designs under my belt, I said yes, and got to work creating over 100 different designs. I went on to create a paper catalogue of my offerings and found gifts shops Australia wide and beyond in the back of the beautiful Country magazines, and would send out my welcome pack to them. Then I would sit back and wait to hear the sound of my fax machine whirring to life to receive a new order. It was exciting times as I was breaking new ground and forging ahead making it up as I went along. What a blast it was and I was so humbled by each and every order.

Fast forward to today. I have been through several business name changes over the years and differing business ideas. I now have 8 beautiful children and run Scattered Seed Co full time from my home loft studio. When the Covid lockdowns hit my business had just taken off and only continued to grow throughout it as many rediscovered the art of the handwritten letter as a means of staying in touch. It has been a wild, beautiful ride and I am so incredibly grateful for the blessing of being able to do what I love, in a way I can manage while still being a full time stay at home mum. God is so good and His ways are so far higher than ours. When busy seasons hit my incredible parents come to help here in the studio. Dad cutting tags and making magnets while mum helps with scoring cards and packing orders. I have been so blessed with such selfless and generous parents who would do anything they could to help me when I need them.

Life is a beautiful gift and so is family. I am forever grateful for the journey I have been on and the path yet to travel. Welcome to Scattered Seed Co...


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